Welcome to Madina Degree College

To meet the growing demand for Higher Education, particularly among Muslim Minority. Madina Education & Welfare and Society (MEWS) had established Madina Junior College for girls in 1983, and Madina Degree College for women in 1994, will all infra-structural facilities.

These are the institutions that have grown and evolved as a unique threshold for young girls to build a secure and fulfilling future. The colleges are driven by a dream, led by vision and achieved by a mission with secular outlook.

We at Madina College strive for bringing about maximum courage and benefits to students from different sources. What we wish to achive is an effective admixture of education, with right dosage of general awaremness reserves, to equip the girls to face the tough, relentless and cut throat competition of todays worls. We inculcate qualities and characteristics that are necessary for self-learning, self directed learning, life long learning, reading to the creation of a learning society and knowledge society.