Department of Sanskrit

Our desire is to teach and learn sanskrit is an ancient language. It’s a Veda Basha. The Base of many subjects such as ayurveda, Natya shastra, Nyaya shastra, Ganitha shastra, Aalakara shastra. emerged from Sanskrit. Now- a-days due to lack of awareness everyone feels that learning Sanskrit is difficult. Indian culture is totally based on Sanskrit only.

We try to teach the basic thing needed to understand the language to the young generation as they are the backbone of our country.

So a motivate them to learn the language well as the basis of life and culture is Sanskrit and it will be helpful in the later stages of their life.

Sanskrit has found a good place in all educational Institutions where students come with renewed Interest to learn the language and the values from it which will help in building there character to leading to peaceful life.

Head of the Department : G. Sarala.
Qualification: MA ( Sanskrit)