The Library of Madina Degree College can be best described as growing and developing Library. Its mission is to support the educational programs of the college and facilitate learning and research activities among the students and staff.

Library is located on the 7th Floor of the college building; it has a spacious reading room with an excellent atmosphere. It has adequate and appropriate seating to ensure effective use of library resources. Books are arranged subject-wise for easy access. Library has excellent collection of text books and reference books recommended by the University on various subjects. Every effort is made to procure all the required titles. Multiple copies of the text books are obtained to make them accessible to as many students as possible.

Library also has regular subscription to newspapers, magazines and journals.

Students are issued Library cards for the purpose of issuing books. Books can be issued on weekly basis. Queries and doubts of the users are immediately attended to and suggestions from the students and staff are incorporated as far as practicable.

The library, hence serves the purpose of making vast knowledge available under one roof.


A book exhibition ‘Bibliovista’ is organized every year by the department of library. Subject-oriented books, general reading books and a huge collection of fiction will be put on display as well as for sale.
The main aim of organizing book exhibition is to inculcate reading habit among the students and to make them aware of the books available in their course.