To encourage reading habits among the students and to facilitate learning and research activities of the college.

Library working Hours: Monday to Saturday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Library Collection

Total Collection 4367
Circulation Books 3250
Reference Books 1117
Journals 07
Newspapers 05
Magazines 11


  • To extend support to teaching, learning and research activities of the college.
  • To create a suitable ambience for optimum use of library resources.
  • To assist in retrieval of reading material.
  • To forward new arrivals & publisher alerts to the faculty to improve the collection.
  • To issue books & journals to the users on regular basis.
  • To provide career, employment information resources to the users.
  • To extend services to alumni with available information resources.


  • Display important information of interest to the students.
  • Display announcements of forth coming conferences, events etc.
  • Offers book bank facility to the students, where in books are issued for the whole semester along with the regular issue of the books.
  • Department of library organizes  ‘BIBLIOVISTA’,  a book exhibition, every year to inculcate reading habit among the students and to make them aware of the  books available in their course.

Ms. Nausheen Sultana

M.A. , M.Li.Sc.