Department of Zoology

Zoology department is proud of its two spacious labs with all the equipment necessary for practicals to be done by 1st, 2nd and final year students.

It is headed by Mrs. Rama M.Sc zoology M.Ed, working with her are lecturers Mrs. Shabana Tarannum, M.Sc zoology gold medalist in P.G and B.Ed, & Mrs.R.Mamatha M.Sc Zoology B.Ed, and lab assistant Miss. P.Jyothi B.Sc with Botany, Zoology and Chemistry.

Every year we conduct seminars for students to build in their confidence and improve their communication skills. We invite esteem guests to enlighten students on various topics through guest lectures. We organize educative field trips which students enjoy the most as it is learning while having fun. We hold exhibitions to encourage students in active participation and team work. Zoology department emphasizes on holistic development of students apart from academics.

In 2008 we organized an exhibition “Call Of The Wild”, students exhibited charts and models on various wild animals. As a part of the exhibition we organized a camel ride and snake show. We arranged for a guest lecture on wild life conservation students visited the zoo park.

In 2009 zoology department organized an exhibition “CACHEXIA”. The exhibition witnessed human anatomy and more than hundred human diseases. We organized a guest lecture on endoscopy a diagnostic window to very many diseases. Dr. Bhupesh Kumar M.B.B.S, M.R., C.P form U.K delivered his lecture. Students were taken to A.P. forest academy. Blood donation camp in association with Red Cross was organized.

In 2010 zoology department organized an exhibition “PSITTACULA” the feathered ones. The exhibition witnessed beautiful models and charts on 100 kinds of birds. Many live birds were exhibited in cages. There was an audio visual presentation on extinct birds to modern birds. We organized a field trips to A.P. fisheries and hatcheries at Medchel. Students were taken to Matsya Darshini  at Banjara hills where students observed export quality fishes and aquaria.

In 2011 zoology department organized an exhibition “SERENE SEA”. The exhibition witnessed about 100 kinds of aquatic animals. Students exhibited beautiful models and charts on various fishes and crocodiles. Ornamental fishes were exhibited in about 20 aquaria as a part of the exhibition. Students were taken to A.P. fisheres and Matsya Darshini.

In 2012 Zoology department organized an exhibition “SCURRY SERPANTS” on 3rd December. Students exhibited charts and models of innumerable venomous and non venomous snakes.  As a part of the exhibition Department of zoology also organized a snake show.  Friends of snakes organization exhibited many poisonous and nonpoisonous live snakes.  The exhibition was a wonder to watch as our students had an opportunity to see the live snakes from close quarters.  The entire exhibition was covered by press and media.  B.Sc final year student were taken to Medchal to the Hatchery unit to observe ornamental fishes growing in aquaria.  Students learnt the hatchery design and management and also fish transport and storage techniques.

In 2013 zoology department organized an exhibition “JURASSIC JAUNT” on 10th December.  Students carved out huge models of dinosaurs.  It witnessed charts and models of different dinosaurs big and small of Mesozoic era. Clay models and pencil sketches were appreciated a lot.  It was like walking through the world of dinosaurs to acquaint with the prehistoric giants.  The exhibition was much lauded by press and media.  Students of final year visited Fish Hatchery Unit at Medak to acquaint about fish culture and induced breeding in fishes as it is a part of their zoology syllabus.

In 2014 Zoology department organized an exhibition “RIVEN ROAR” on 4th December.  The exhibition witnessed the extinct and extant wild world. Students erected huge forest depicting the wild life.  Exhibition focused on wild life conservation, tiger project, elephant poaching, killing of Rhinoceros and other animals for their products. Students screened a short feature film on how to conserve wild life. Many news papers and television channels covered the exhibition.  Final year students were taken to the Hatchery unit at Medak to acquaint with fish culture and fish seed transport.

In 2015 Zoology department organized an exhibition “SWOTTING SYLLABI”.  The exhibition covered the entire curriculum of B.Sc zoology (I, II&III Yrs).  Students made charts and miniature models of the vertebrates and invertebrates studied in their practical syllabi.  Aquaculture was special attraction as the students worked with live fish showing different nets and gears to catch them. Indoor and outdoor fish aquaculture systems were also shown.  It was covered by press and media.

In 2016 Zoology department organized a field trip to the Nehru Zoological Park.  Students watched the behavior of animals and made field notes on behavior, management and enumeration of wild animals.

Department of zoology organized a visit to Husain sagar lake to study pond ecosystem.  Students made a report of various pollutants in water after testing polluted water in the lab.

Every year our exhibitions are being covered by press and media. Leading news papers and T.V channels are all praise for the exhibition.

Faculty :

S. No.
Mrs. V. Rama (HOD) 
M.Sc (Zoology), M.Ed
26 years
Mrs. Shabana Tarannum
M.Sc (Zoology), M.Ed
16 years
Rubeena Fatima
M.Sc B.Ed
5 years
P.Chandra Kala 
M.Sc B.Ed
10 years
Lab Assistant In Zoology
 Humera Fatima 
1 year
V.Suvarchala Jyothi 
Worked Dietician for 2 years
Lab Assistant In Zoology