Department of English

English a global language is the Lingua – Franca. It is a window to the world and a Universal Language. It is the Language of Modern times. English is one of the largest spoken languages in the world. English speakers are spread  all  over the world . Knowledge of English is essential for the understanding of  modern science, technology, trade, commerce etc. In Information  technology, all computer languages are based on English. Teaching English at the degree level gives us a chance to explore the vistas of Literature, Phonetics, soft skills and grammar. With the upgrading of the syllabus every three years Listening, speaking, reading, and writing are greatly emphasized.  The faculty understands that self assessment is very necessary as it is a positive factor for growth and development.

The Faculty attends orientation programmes organized by The Department of English Osmania University every year.

We have to keep repeating work which we feel acceptable. The goal  of the department is to increase the number of learning activities to develop students, oral, written and communicational skills in English through excellence in teaching and effective instructional learning strategies. The department makes use of Audio – Visual room to make the students versatile.

Apart from the curriculum students also get a chance to express themselves in the classroom discussion. The Department also organizes elocution, Essay writing, Debate, Just a minute and spelling bee. The Department has also been active in conducting extension lectures, performing plays, Contributing  write-up towards the college  magazine and arranging field trips to book exhibitions.

We work with the mission to achieve excellence in every field. This is the vision and goal of the institution and the department. We aim at a holistic approach to the acquisition of Lingua Franca.

Faculty Profile :

Mrs. Seema khan HOD Eng dept.
M.A (Eng); 12 yrs teaching experience.