Department Of Chemistry


The Department of Chemistry was established as one of the central departments of the college. Chemistry is offered at B.Sc. level with the combinations:

  1. Clinical Nutrition, Zoology, Chemistry
  2. Applied Nutrition, Botany, Chemistry
  3. Applied Nutrition, Zoology, Chemistry

The class-room teaching and laboratory training are meticulously planned and executed by the devoted and expert faculty of the Department. With the financial support of DST, the department has strengthened the laboratory infrastructure facilities by incorporating modern practical techniques to enhance the experimental skills of the students. Networking facilities have been created where M.Sc. students and research scholars have access to computers as well as internet facilities.

Every year students are taken on field trip, Field trips are an excellent way to underscore lessons and help students understand that what they learn in the classroom can be applied to real life. When developing field trips for chemistry students,  teachers  focus on demonstrations of professional chemistry that are dramatic, entertaining and hopefully point out the career options available to somebody trained as a chemist.


Chemistry places a strong emphasis on understanding of the structures and properties of matter from the nano level to molecular level, which is the base for most of the applied sciences. Expertise in chemistry provides countless employment opportunities in every industry, research and quality control, diagnostics, forensic investigations etc.

The short and long term goals of the department are:

  • Recognize the needs of students and cater to their demands.
  • To encourage students to further their knowledge beyond the scope of syllabus and exams.
  • Openness to new ideas and keeping abreast of changing times.
  • With Hyderabad emerging as a hub of pharmaceutical industry, the department aims to provide competent women power.

To start industry– specific certificate courses to encourage entrepreneurship and increase students’ employ-ability.




S.NO Name Of Faculty Qualification Teaching Exp. Area Of Specialization
1 AfrozeAsfia(HOD) M.Sc, M.PHIL 17yrs Organic Chemistry
2. Elizabeth Rani M.ScB.Ed 11yrs Inorganic Chemistry
3. ShaziaSamreen M.Sc 2Yrs Organic Chemistry
4. Ayesha Siddiqua M.Sc 1yr Organic Chemistry
5. Ms B. Keerthana M.Sc 1Yr Physical Chemistry
6. R. Shivani M.Sc(Organic Chemistry) 1Yr Organic Chemistry
7. C.M Sanjana M.Sc(Organic Chemistry) 1Yr Organic Chemistry
8. Francina Clement M.Sc(Organic Chemistry) 1Yr Organic Chemistry