Department of Botany

Department of Botany was established in the year 1994 as an undergraduate department. At present the Department has excellent infrastructure facilities & experienced staff.

The Department is active in organizing workshops, exhibitions, seminars, debates, quiz competitions & field trips to various places every year.

In Nov 2008, A workshop on Bonsai by international artist Mr Govind Raj was organized.

In the July 2009, An exhibition “Botanex” was organized.

In  2010, the department organized a workshop on “Horticultural techniques”. A quiz competition was also held in the same year.

In Nov 2011, the department organized an exhibition on “Herbicure” where the students presented posters & live plants.

The department also organized Debate competition on”Ayurveda Vs Allopathy” & also conducted Ecofriendly Ramp Walk by the students.

In 2012 the department organized exhibition on “Mycoplantae” explaining about non – green plants.

In 2013, the department organized exhibition on “Nature’s sap’.

In 2014, department organized exhibition  “Botane Fest”.

In 2015, Department organized power point presentations on “Envi Care”. A Debate competition was also held on the topic “environment or economic development”.

In 2016, A Debate competition on “Biotechnology – Boon or  Bane” was conducted by the department.

An essay writing competition was also held on the topic “Can genetically modified food useful or harmful to mankind”.

The Department organizes Botanical tour every year to various places like NTR gardens, ICRISAT, Herbal gardens Agriculture University, Kotla Vijay Bhasker Reddy Botanical Garden Kondapur, Sanjeevaiyah park, Ananthagiri Hills, Herbal Garden Rajendranagar etc.

Career in Botany: – Plant Science is a growing field as more & more people recognize how vital plants are to many aspects of society. However, some areas are more competitive than others, for instance in recent years the number of ecology graduates has outnumbered the job openings, but positions are open in Agronomy & Biotechnology. A degree in botany provides a solid scientific foundation to make you more employable in other fields as well.

Faculty : 

  • Ms. Anees Rahman (M.Sc), HoD – 34 Yrs of teaching experience
  • Ms. Gowri Sree (M.Sc) – 12 Yrs of experience
  • Saima Ali  (B.Sc ) Lab Assistant.