Department of Arabic

We should not under estimate the significance of the Arabic Language. It is the mother tongue of more than 250 million Arabs. The majority is found between Morocco in the west and Iraq in the east amounting to one seventh of the world’s population. People around the world revere Arabic as the language of the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran has preserved Arabic in its Present form. It is the main source of spoken and writing language.

Arabic in the modern World: Arabic has developed over the last century to incorporate new words and idioms such as new technological terms. Translation of European works of literature in Arabic accelerated the process.

 The Properties of Arabic Language: Arabic is superior to other languages of the world in several respects as described such as

  1. Its grammar
  2. Totalitarianism of meaning
  3. Melody
  4. Synonyms and antonyms
  5. Similarity of forms and rhymes of words
  6. Vastness and ability for adoption

This gives Arabic the vastness it has today and make it one of the most modern language of the world. It is the living language always extending a welcome hand to new entrants and adds to the vocabulary. The original Arabic text of the Quran has been presented from the time of its revelation. Translation have been done into various language but they all refine back to the original Arabic in order to fully understand the rich and poetic classical Arabic language.

Since understanding Arabic is so important most Muslims try learn at least the basics. The Osmania University Degree syllabus helps the students to enrich and correct the language learnt. The Arabic syllabus includes grammar which is extensively taught to make students proficient in Arabic classical prose includes Surah’s from the holy Quran and its translation and explanation. Islamic History is also part of the syllabus. Student mastery over the language is judged by making them write composition in Arabic. Modern prose and poetry and Arabic to English translation or English to Arabic translation is also included in the syllabus.

 The Department of Arabic organizes naath competitions and Quran Khani every year in ramdhan  we also take the students to semenar and symposium organized by All India Muslim Personal Law board, Muslim girls organization calligraphy exhibition at salarjung Muslim guest lectures are also organized.

Topic  : Quran & Oceanography .


Prof Quddusa. ME HoD of Deccan College of engineering  gave a lecture.

Seminar on Quran. Students attend the seminar at Banjara function hall.

The department also  makes the students perform plays during the annual day and cultural programme Talim Aur Thazeeb.

Faculty :

  1. Tahera Begum M.A., M.Phil., PGDTA  (EFL-University ) — Head of the Department.